BarTender Enterprise Automation

BarTender Enterprise Automation

Seagull Scientific's most powerful edition of BarTender, with advanced server functions for centralized printing and administration. BarTender Enterprise Automation provides Seagulls most advanced integration features. Includes all 8 companion applications, including the Librarian document management system and the most advanced Security Center. Printer Maestro includes support for tracking printer parts inventorty and in-printer media usage. Includes RFID support. (This edition was previously named "Enterprise Print Server.")

Companion Applications:

  • Commander - middleware utility allows you to control BarTender from within other programs without having to write code. Instead, Commander automatically wakes up BarTender to print labels in response to any of a variety of "triggers."
  • BarTender Security Center - provides security features for other applications in the suite, such as user permissions and format encryption.
  • Librarian - lets large group users, designers and administrators co-operatively and securely manage the storage and revision of the label formats and other files. You can even rollback to old versions of your files.
  • Printer Maestro - consolidates multiple print management functions within Windows into a large single, highly configurable view. Simplifies the management of multiple print jobs, printers and printer supply inventory on large networks.
  • History Explorer - lets you view logged information about past label jobs, including images of the labels of the labels and print job messages. An essential tool for audit preparation.
  • Reprint Console- allows you to quickly navigate logs of previous label jobs and reprint all or just some of the labels. Works even if the database from which the original label data was read has changed.
  • Print Station - gives non-technical users easy "point and click" selection and printing of labels without ever having to see inside of a label design program.
  • Batch Maker - makes it easy to specify a list of multiple label formats to print as a single "batch". Batches can be printed from within Batch Maker itself, as well as from BarTender, Print Station and Windows Explorer.

Technical specification

Licensing is based on the maximum number of printers to be used by BarTender on the network. Unlimited users.

Note: BarTender is not compatible with Mac, Windows 95 or Windows NT. If you use the above operating systems, please inform us so we can request the correct version from our suppliers.

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