BarTender Professional

BarTender Professional

All the design features of Automation, the BarTender Professional Edition includes most of the advanced data access capabilities, including OLE DB and ODBC, but no automation from other software. It does not offer ActiveX Automation, Commander, command line integration, SAP 1Doc or XML support, job logging or e-mailed error alerts. It also cannot export printer code templates.

Includes the Print Station and Batch Maker companion applications.

Companion Applications:

  • Print Station - gives non-technical users easy "point and click" selection and printing of labels without ever having to see inside of a label design program.
  • Batch Maker - makes it easy to specifiy a list of multiple label formats to print as a single "batch". Batches can be printed from within Batch Maker itself, as well as from BarTender, Print Station and Windows Explorer.

Technical specification

Licensing is based on the maximum number of printers to be used by BarTender on the network. Unlimited users.

Note: BarTender is not compatible with Mac, Windows 95 or Windows NT. If you use the above operating systems, please inform us so we can request the correct version from our suppliers.

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