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A Closer Look at Toshiba's Cutting-Edge Barcode Solution: The BV400T Printer

A Closer Look at Toshiba's Cutting-Edge Barcode Solution: The BV400T Printer

With the launch of the BV400T models, Toshiba’s BV400 series (BV400D and BV400T models) has become one of the most extensive desktop ranges available. With a total of nine separate printer models, the BV400 series has a product available to fulfil the most diverse and versatile requirements of the market.

What makes the BV400 series stand out?

This desktop series comes with a broad set of features and functionality to enhance any labelling application. One of the standout features of the BV400 series is its ribbon compatibility. The BV400T model enables the use of both 100 m on ½” and 300 m on 1” cores, providing users with the widest choice of desktop printing solutions when it comes to thermal transfer applications.

Unmatched Speed and RFID Capabilities

The BV400 series boasts industry-leading speeds of up to 7” per second, ensuring fast and efficient printing for any labelling task. Additionally, for those requiring RFID capabilities, the BV400 series offers an optional UHF RFID module. This feature allows users to take advantage of the latest RFID technology, making it easier than ever to track and manage inventory.

Unleash Your Creativity with the BV400 Series

Whether you need to print labels for shipping, inventory management, or product labelling, the BV400 series has you covered. With its extensive range of printer models, you can find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. The BV400 series offers exceptional print quality, ensuring that your labels are clear, legible, and professional-looking.

Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

By investing in the BV400 series, you can streamline your labelling process and improve overall efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, these printers are easy to set up and operate. The BV400 series also offers seamless integration with existing systems, allowing for a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your workflow.


When it comes to desktop printing solutions, Toshiba's BV400 series is a game-changer. With its extensive range of models, ribbon compatibility, industry-leading speeds, and optional RFID capabilities, this series offers unmatched versatility and functionality. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, the BV400 series has the perfect printer to meet your labelling needs. Invest in the BV400 series and experience the power of efficient, high-quality printing.

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