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6100 Electronic Tape Dispenser

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Title: 6100

The 6100 is a fast, simple, easy to use compact table-top Electronic Pressure-Sensitive Tape Dispenser that delivers automatic tape dispensing precision. Dispense ½" to 2" width pressure sensitive tapes on 3" cores automatically without an operator having to touch a button! The 6100 will clean cut one preset length of tape from 20mm up to 999mm each time the button is pushed in manual mode. An override button will dispense as long as it is held down. L.E.D. display. The dispenser can utilize various pressure-sensitive tapes including masking tape and strapping tape, making it ideal for sub-assembly areas and small, light package sealing.

  • Auto-repeat function that continuously cuts & dispenses tape to the pre-set lengths
  • Special adjustable core allows for 1" and 3" tape core sizes
  • Colour-coded, smooth-touch key pad for easy use
  • Heavy-duty 5 foot long electrical cord
  • Grounded for enhanced safety
Dimensions (LxWxH) 21.6cm x 14cm x 15.2cm
Maximum Tape Diameter 7" Dia Rolls
Dispensing Tape Length 20mm - 999mm
Dispensing Tape Speed N/A
Tape Width 1/4" - 2"
Tape Types Pressure Sensitive Tape, Masking Tape, Filament Tape
Blades Stainless Steel
Power Requirements 220v, 50Hz, 18w
Weight (approx.) 2.7kg