76mm x 450m Outside Wound

76mm x 450m Outside Wound

EWX - Premium Wax - Suitable for all types of general purpose labelling.

GPX - High Performance Wax - Resin Enhanced - Suitable for all types of general purpose labelling offering extra durability.

PDX - Premium Wax Resin - Suitable for all types of general purpose labelling where extra durability is required.

Compatible with; 

Citizen: CL-S700, SL-S700R, CL-S703, CL-S703R, CLP-9000, CLP-9001, CLP-9301, CLP-9301R, CLP-8301.

GoDex: EZ-2200Plus, EZ-2300Plus, EZ-2200, EZ2250i, EZ2350i, EZ2050, EZ2150, EZ-6200, EZ-6200Plus, EZ-6300, EZ-6300Plus, ZX1200i, ZX1300i, ZX1600i.

Intermec: PD43, PD43C, PD43T.

Printronix: T-5204, T-5304, T-5206, T-5306, T-5208, T-5308, T-500r, T4M, SL4M, T2N.

Toshiba: B-EX4T2.

TSC: TTP 246M, 2410M, 664M, ME240, ME340, TTP 384M, TTP-268M, TTP-366M, TTP-2410M, TTP-346M, TTP-644M, TTP-246M Plus, TTP-344M Plus, MX240.

Zebra: All Xi, Z, Se, SL & Stripe Models Including  90xi, 110xi, 140xi, 170xi, 220xi, S300, S400, S500, S600, ZT200, ZT220, ZT410, ZT420, ZT230, Z4M, Z6M, Z400, ZM400, ZM600, 105SE, 105SL, R140, R4M Plus, GT800, PAX Print Engines.

Ribbon Size 76mm x 450m
Winding Outside Wound
Core Type 25.5mm ID Cardboard Core
Box Quantity 12 Ribbons
Min. Order Qty 1 Box

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