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83mm x 450m Inside Wound

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£49.99 - £79.30
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83mm x 450m Inside Wound

TWX - Premium Wax suitable for all types of general purpose labelling.

TPX - High Performance Wax - Resin Enhanced - Suitable for all types of general purpose labelling offering extra durability

TDX - Premium Wax Resin - Suitable for all types of general purpose labelling where extra durability is required.

Compatible with; 

Autobag: P14000, PI412c, PI412CW.

Avery: AP 4.4, AP 5.4, AP 5.6, AP 5.6 GEN II, AP 7.t, SPX, TTK, TTX300, TTX350, SPX.

CAB: A2, A2+, A3, A4+, A4.3+, A6+, A8+, XD4, EOS1, EOS4, XC4, XC6, Hermes+, PX Print Engine, PX4, PX4.3, PX6.

Datamax: Fargo, Prodigy, Allegro, DMX 400, 430, 600, 630, 800, I-Class, I-4206, I-4208, I-4308, I-4608, I-4212, I-4406, M-Class, M-4206, M-4210, M-4308, H-Class, H-4212, H-4408, H-6210, H-4310, H-4606, H-6308, H-8308p, A-Class, W-Class, Titan, A Class, A-4212, A-4310, A4408, A4606, A-6212, A-6310.

Intermec: 401, 501, 501XP, 601, 601XP, PX4, PX6, PM4i, PD4i, PX4i, PX6i, 4630, 4830, PD4, PD41, PD42, PA30, PM43, PM43c.

Markem: Cimjet 2000, Cimjet 200.

Pago: Pagoprint 15/110Ti, 15/168Ti, 16/104Ti 16/106Ti, Pagosystem 408, 428.

SATO: M4500, M8400, CL 608, CL 612, CL 408, CL 412, XL-410, M4638, M4636, CL400e, CL600e, GL408e, GL412e, CL4NX, M84Pro-2, M84Pro-3, M84Pro-6, GTe408e, GTe412e, GTe424e, LM408e, LM412e, XL400e, XL410e, M848se, M8460se, M890se, LT408, M8485se, M8490se, M8465Se, M8460Se, S84.

Tharo: 112, 112+, Apollo 2, Apollo 3, Fredom, Gemini, Gemini 2, Hercules 200, Magic 300, Wizard, H400 Series, H600 Series, H426, H427, H434, H436, Hercules 600, Hercules 800, H626, H634.

Ribbon Size 83mm x 450m
Winding Inside Wound
Core Type 25.5mm ID Cardboard Core
Box Quantity 12 Ribbons
Min. Order Qty 1 Box