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AP16-F Label Applicator

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Model Selected: AP16-F
GoDEX Gols Partner

The AP16-F is a powerful, yet affordable applicator, capable of applying pre-printed labels onto a vast range of cylindrical products.

It is a perfect semi-automatic solution for small and medium sized breweries, wineries, manufacturers of cosmetics, beekeepers, butchers, and others.

With the AP16-F producers and distributors of products in bottles, jars, cans, pots and so forth, can label up to 800 items per hour.

Thanks to its innovative design, the AP16-F can apply front and back labels in one go and the ultrasonic label sensor allows the use of transparent and highly colourful labels.

You can easily save and recall settings for your variety of products, and the device shows you how many products you have labelled.

Last but not least, a foot pedal is included to keep both your hands free for product handling.

**Ordered on request

Product Diameter 25 - 160mm
Product Length 30 - 240mm* (*Should not be lower than 1/2 it's diameter)
Label Width 25 - 150mm
Label Length 30 - 500mm
Min. Label Gap 2.5mm
Core Diameter 44 - 76mm
Max. Roll Diameter 200mm