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BL200 Electric Bottle Label Applicator

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In this video, we introduce the BL-200 Semi-Automatic Bottle and Cylindrical Product Labeller – the ultimate solution for labelling round products with ease. Whether you're labelling bottles, jars, or cylindrical containers, the BL-200 has got you covered.

🔹 **Key Features** 🔹

✅ **Versatile Labelling**: The BL-200 can label virtually any round product, from 3/4 inches to 6 inches in diameter. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually applying labels!

✅ **User-Friendly**: This labeller is incredibly easy to use. Simply place your bottle in the adjustable cradle, pull down the handle on the overhead pressure rollers, and watch the BL-200 do its magic. No special training or tools required!

✅ **Label Detection**: It can detect both transparent and opaque labels, ensuring precise labelling for all your products.

✅ **Compact Design**: With its small table top design, the BL-200 fits seamlessly into your workspace without taking up too much room.

✅ **Perfect for Gallon Jugs**: Even gallon jugs are a breeze to label with this versatile machine.

Discover how the BL-200 Semi-Automatic Bottle and Cylindrical Product Labeller can streamline your labelling process and save you time and effort.

Min. Label Size 20mm x 20mm
Max. Label Size 200mm x 280mm
Label Roll Max. O/D 215mm
Min. Bottle Size 18mm (O/D) x 10mm
Max. Bottle Size 150mm (O/D) x 220mm
Machine Length 515mm
Machine Width 310mm
Machine Height 340mm