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C-Type Series

Original price £178.57 - Original price £899.66
Original price
£178.57 - £899.66
Current price £220.90
Model Selected: C220 - 220mm x 2.5mm Seal
Accessories: None

Introducing the C-Type Series Impulse Heat Sealers

Upgrade your packaging game with the cutting-edge technology of our C-Type Series Impulse Heat Sealers. Designed with the packaging professional in mind, these heat sealers represent the future of sealing solutions.

Ergonomic Excellence:
Our C-Type Series is engineered with your comfort in mind. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and ease of operation, reducing fatigue during extended sealing sessions. Say goodbye to wrist strain and hello to effortless sealing.

Reliability at Its Best:
When it comes to sealing, reliability is paramount. The C-Type Series Heat Sealers are built to deliver consistent and dependable results every time. Whether you're sealing PE, PP, PA, or PVC foil, or even thinner double-coated materials, you can trust our heat sealers to get the job done with precision.

Swift Sealing Solutions:
In a fast-paced industry, time is of the essence. Our C-Type Series offers lightning-fast sealing capabilities, ensuring your products are sealed efficiently and on schedule. Say goodbye to delays and hello to increased productivity.

Versatile Sealing Power:
Not all packaging materials are created equal, and that's why the C-Type Series is designed to accommodate a wide range of materials. From PE to PP, PA, PVC foil, and thinner double-coated materials, our heat sealers can handle them all, providing you with the versatility you need.

Upgrade your packaging process and experience the future of heat sealing technology with the C-Type Series Impulse Heat Sealers. Trust in reliability, speed, and versatility to meet your packaging needs. Order yours today and seal the deal with confidence.

Model Seal type Seal width Seal length Max. film width Watts Weight Cutter
C220 Single 2.5mm 220mm 200mm 180W 3.5kg Yes
C320 Single 2.5mm 320mm 300mm 218W 4.5kg Yes
C420 Single 2.5mm 420mm 400mm 248W 4.5kg Yes
C620 Single 2.5mm 620mm 600mm 365W 5.4kg Yes
C820 Single 2.5mm 820mm 800mm 468W 9.2kg Yes