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FDV Range

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£597.00 - £654.00
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Model Selected: ME-305FDV - 300mm x 5mm Seal
Introducing Our Vertical Automatic Sealer: The FDV Series

Are you in search of a sealing solution that not only guarantees the reliability and features of our renowned FDA range but also offers the added advantage of vertical mounting on a sturdy pedestal? Look no further! Our FDV Series is here to meet your sealing needs with precision and efficiency.

**Vertical Sealing Excellence**

The FDV Series stands out as the ultimate choice for those dealing with loose products such as powders and liquids. Thanks to its innovative vertical sealing capability, it ensures your products are sealed securely, eliminating the risk of spillage during the sealing process.

**Versatile Mounting Options**

Our FDV sealer can be effortlessly mounted over conveyors or work tables, making it a seamless addition to your production line. Whether you need to integrate it with dosing and filling systems or simply require a dependable sealing solution, the FDV Series is your go-to choice.

**Heavy-Duty Sealing**

Designed for heavy-duty applications, the FDV Series excels in sealing heavy-duty bags and handling wet or dusty bags with ease. Its double-sided sealing mechanism guarantees the utmost sealing integrity for your packaging needs.

**Key Features:**

- Vertical Sealing: Prevents spillage of loose products like powders and liquids during sealing.
- Versatile Mounting: Easily collocate with conveyors or work tables, suitable for dosing and filling systems.
- Heavy-Duty Performance: Ideal for sealing heavy-duty bags, wet, or dusty bags.
- Double-Sided Sealing: Ensures maximum sealing integrity for your products.

Choose the FDV Series for vertical sealing excellence and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and efficient sealing solution. Don't let loose products and heavy-duty bags be a challenge any longer – seal them effortlessly with the FDV Series.

Upgrade your packaging process today and experience the difference that vertical sealing can make. Order your FDV Series automatic sealer now and take your production to the next level!