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FT1 Tray Thermosealing

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Introducing the Friulmed FT1 Tray Thermosealing Machine - Your Key to Perfect Seals!

Are you tired of struggling with imperfect seals on trays that contain grease, fat, and other challenging substances? Look no further than the Friulmed FT1 Tray Thermosealing Machine! With its manual temperature regulation and innovative SLEDGE SYSTEM, this machine ensures a flawless seal every time, regardless of the tray's contents.

**Key Features:**

**Manual Temperature Regulation:** Our FT1 machine empowers you with precise control over the sealing temperature. This means you can adapt to various tray materials and contents, ensuring that every seal is perfect.

**SLEDGE SYSTEM:** The patented SLEDGE SYSTEM sets the FT1 apart from the rest. This revolutionary technology allows you to seal trays of different sizes effortlessly. No need for complex adjustments or additional tools – simply load your tray and let the FT1 work its magic.

**Fixed Work Level:** Tired of uneven seals and inconsistent results? The FT1 features a fixed work level that guarantees sealing on each edge of the tray. Say goodbye to sealing mishaps and hello to professional, reliable results every time.

**Why Choose the Friulmed FT1?**

- Versatile Sealing: Seal trays with various sizes and contents with ease.
- Precision Control: Manual temperature regulation for tailored sealing.
- Perfect Seals: The fixed work level ensures consistent, reliable results.
- Patented Innovation: The SLEDGE SYSTEM sets the industry standard.
- Built to Last: Durable construction for long-lasting performance.
- User-Friendly: Easy to operate and maintain, even for beginners.

Whether you're in the food industry, healthcare, or any field requiring precise tray sealing, the Friulmed FT1 is the solution you've been searching for. Say goodbye to seal imperfections and hello to the perfection that only the FT1 can deliver.

Invest in the Friulmed FT1 Tray Thermosealing Machine today and experience the difference in your packaging quality. Order now and elevate your sealing game to new heights!

Model FT1
Dimensions 240mm x 460mm x 320mm
Bodywork Steel
Command Board Manual
Max. Tray Size Patented sledge system
Min. Film Width 150mm
Max. Film Width 150mm
Max. Power Absorption 350 va
Power 220/240v - 50/60Hz
Weight (approx.) 12.5Kg