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Labelmate Quick-Chucks

Original price £290.00 - Original price £420.00
Original price £290.00
£290.00 - £420.00
Current price £290.00
Model Selected: C-38170 - Dia 38mm Width 170mm

The optimal solution for swift loading and unloading of label rolls. Quick-Chucks enable you to effortlessly attach or detach a label roll on your Rewinder or Unwinder within seconds. They are exceptionally well-suited for handling heavy rolls, streamlining production processes, or accommodating multiple cores for slitting.

How to use: Simply slide your label roll onto the Quick-Chuck and then rotate the user-friendly locking knob. In an instant, the roll is securely fastened in place. When it's time to remove the roll, just give the lock knob a quick counter-clockwise turn and pull the roll away from the machine.

The QUICK-CHUCK 76170 is included as a default component.

Key Features:

  • Swift loading and unloading
  • Ideal for high-volume label production
  • Available in six different diameters
  • Optional flanges can be added for additional versatility.