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Labelmate Uni-Cat-Ach Rewinder

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Model Selected: UNI-CAT-ACH


The UNI-CAT, now available in our Labelmate product range, stands as a testament to versatility and intelligence. It is the pinnacle of label rewinder/unwinder technology. With an array of core sizes, label widths, roll diameters, and customizable options, the UNI-CAT is your ideal companion for any printing job, be it colour-inkjet or industrial thermal transfer printing. Explore its exceptional features below:

  1. Adaptive Functionality: The UNI-CAT is remarkably self-teaching, effortlessly switching between rewinding and unwinding as per your requirements.

  2. Printer Compatibility: It supports the back-feed process for colour inkjet printers and is perfect for tension-sensitive printers, ensuring flawless performance.

  3. Auto-Speed Synchronization: Seamlessly aligns with your printer's speed, guaranteeing precision and efficiency.

  4. Impressive Speed: With a remarkable speed of up to 125cm/sec, it effortlessly keeps pace with the fastest barcode printers on the market.

  5. Bi-Directional Capability: The UNI-CAT offers both internal and external winding options, giving you unparalleled flexibility.

  6. User-Friendly Control Panel: Featuring a new maintenance-free, soft-touch control panel adorned with LED status indicators for intuitive operation.

  7. Paper Guide: Standardized with a paper guide, it ensures straight and tight label rolls without the need for additional flanges.

  8. ACH Model: The ACH model comes equipped with an Adjustable Core Holder, accommodating core diameters ranging from 25mm to 101mm.

But that's not all! The UNI-CAT-ACH variant can handle labels up to a width of 155mm and wind them onto rolls with a diameter of up to 280mm.

Constructed from rugged, heavy-gauge steel, your UNI-CAT Rewinder/Unwinder is not only reliable but also effortlessly stable. Special anti-slip feet keep the unit firmly in place during operation.

Furthermore, you can trust in its long-term performance, as the smart UNI-CAT boasts an industry-leading 5-YEAR PARTS and LABOUR LIMITED WARRANTY (1-Year on power supplies).

Key Specifications:

  • Handles labels up to 155mm wide
  • Roll diameter capacity up to 280mm
  • Adjustable core holder accommodating core diameters from 25mm to 101mm
  • Speed of up to 80cm/s
  • Maximum roll weight of 7 kg

Experience the future of label rewinding and unwinding with the UNI-CAT. Upgrade your printing operations today for unmatched precision, speed, and reliability.