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Labelmate Uni-Cat-R16 Rewinder

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Model Selected: UNI-CAT-R16

The new UNI-CAT stands out as the most intelligent and remarkably "UNI-VERSATILE" rewinder/unwinder within the expansive Labelmate product range. With an array of core sizes, label widths, roll diameters, and a multitude of options at your disposal, you're sure to find the perfect rewinder/unwinder for any task at hand. The fresh UNI-CAT model serves as the ideal companion for both colour-inkjet printers and all industrial thermal transfer printers. Here are the standout features:

Adaptive Operation: The UNI-CAT is proficient in self-adjusting to serve as a rewinder or unwinder, adapting to your specific needs.

Back-Feed Support: It accommodates back-feed processing for colour inkjet and tension-sensitive printers, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

Auto-Speed Alignment: This smart device offers auto-speed adjustment to seamlessly synchronize with your printer's speed, ensuring precision and consistency.

Impressive Speed: Capable of operating at speeds of up to 125cm/sec, making it compatible with the fastest barcode printers on the market.

Bi-Directional Functionality: The UNI-CAT can wind labels both internally and externally, enhancing its versatility.

User-Friendly Control Panel: It boasts a new, maintenance-free, soft-touch control panel with LED status indicators, simplifying the operation and monitoring process.

Efficient Paper Guide: Equipped with a standard paper guide, this device guarantees straight and secure label rolls, eliminating the need for additional flanges.

CHUCK Model: The CHUCK model comes with a Quick-Locking Chuck in a standard size of 76mm x 170mm, with various diameter and length options available to suit your requirements.

The UNI-CAT-CHUCK-R16 can handle labels up to 170mm in width, and it features a larger chassis and components capable of winding label rolls up to 400mm in diameter. Its robust, heavy-gauge steel construction ensures stability, and special anti-slip feet prevent any unwanted movement.

Reliability is paramount, and the UNI-CAT excels in this regard. It offers high-quality, maintenance-free operation and provides an industry-leading warranty of 5 years on parts and labor (with a 1-year warranty on power supplies).

Key Features:
- Label Handling up to 170mm
- Roll Diameter Capacity up to 400mm
- Core Size Compatibility: 76mm diameter
- Operating Speed of up to 80cm/s
- Maximum Roll Weight: 10 KG

Choose the UNI-CAT for unmatched versatility and unwavering reliability in your label management needs.