Labelmate Uni-Cat-Standard

Labelmate Uni-Cat-Standard


The NEW UNI-CAT is the smartest rewinder ever made! Some highlights:

  • UNI-CAT-Standard has a Vane-style core Holder, suitable for 76mm cores
  • self-teaching to work as rewinder or unwinder: 1 device for all applications
  • perfect companion for colour-inkjet-printers, supporting  the backfeed-process
  • auto-speed analysis, no settings/adjustments required by operator
  • maintenance-free soft-touch control panel with LED-Status-Indicators
  • extra bracket with paper guide ensuring straight and tight label rolls
  • max label width of 155mm
  • max roll diameter of 300mm

Offering again 5 years of Limited Warranty and the latest Smart-Technology, the UNI-CAT offers a unique and unbeatable Value for Money !

Uni Cat Datasheet

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