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ME-2010HC Semi-Automatic Medical Sealer

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Introducing our specially designed Impulse Sealer, meticulously crafted for the demanding standards of the healthcare industry. This remarkable device is a game-changer, ensuring the utmost integrity of your sterilization processes by creating impeccable air and water-tight seals.

Included in this package are invaluable accessories that enhance your sterilization workflow. You'll receive a work tape and rack, thoughtfully designed to complement sterilization rolls (paper-plastic) and sterilization tubing (plastic-plastic) materials. With this Impulse Sealer, you have a complete solution at your fingertips, streamlining your processes and increasing efficiency.

Our compact unit is a testament to both functionality and convenience. It boasts a built-in warning beeper, a feature that ensures precision in every seal. This audible signal will promptly alert you once each seal is flawlessly complete, leaving no room for error.

Moreover, each seal is endowed with a deeply embossed texture, providing an additional layer of security and confidence in the sealing process. The distinct texture acts as a visual indicator of the seal's integrity, leaving no room for doubt.

Whether you operate in a hospital, clinic, or any healthcare setting, our specially designed Impulse Sealer is your ideal companion. It guarantees the highest standards of sterilization and sealing, safeguarding the health and wellbeing of both your patients and staff.

Invest in excellence and elevate your healthcare practices with our Impulse Sealer. It's time to seal with precision, confidence, and the utmost care for your patients. Choose the best – choose our Impulse Sealer for all your healthcare needs.

Model Seal type Seal width Seal length Max. seal thickness Watts Weight Cutter
Single 10mm 200mm 2 x 0.25mm 1000W 6.4kg Yes