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NK4000 Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser

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Would you like to do your bit for sustainability when packing goods? Then look no further than the NK4000 & our range of eco-friendly gummed paper tape. As an ideal replacement for both PP and Vinyl tapes, gummed tape forms a strong bond with the cardboard, meaning the box will stay sealed until its intended opening.

The colourful buttons enable quick operation and easy memorisation of the button layout. Different operating modes make work easier and guarantee efficiency. Just one strip of gummed tape is all that is needed for a safe, secure and reliable seal, making it more cost effective than standard adhesive sealing and packaging tapes.

The NK4000 is suitable for both normal and reinforced gummed tape with a width of up to 70 mm. The automatic function enables the operator to enter a certain length and set this as automatic post-production.

    Production speed 30m / min.
    Water Tank 2 L
    Dimensions 48x33x28 cm
    Power consumption 200-230 V
    Weight 12 kg