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Opticon OPI-3601 - 2D Scanner

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Colour: Black
Interface: USB

With an quality 2D scanner the OPI-3601 proofs to be an excellent choice for anyone that is looking for a good handheld scanner. Firstly, the pistol design and enhanced motion tolerance the OPI-3601 allows faster scanning and the bright LED provides visual feedback making it easy to see the result of your scan action. Secondly, the complete kit consists of not only the scanner but also the complementary stand and starter guide. With this stand the auto trigger is engaged, enabling hands free scanning for the user. Thirdly, the scanner can easily be plugged into the computer through the provided USB cable, it is plug and scan.

The OPI-3601 does not require any technical know-how to set it up and the set-up only takes a few minutes, which makes the OPI-3601 a quick scanner that is reliable.

Opticon OPI-3601 Datasheet