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Optimax® SC346 Heat Shrink Chamber

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The Optimax SC346 is a manually operated shrink wrapping machine, combining the sealing bar unit with a fully enclosed chamber in which hot air is circulated to seal the film and evenly shrink it around a product.

Suitable for use with single products or for collation of several products in one pack.

Features include:

  • Cost-effective introductory model
  • Seal and shrink in one operation
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Advanced electronic controls
  • 230V single phase - will run off a standard 13A socket 
Power supply: 220/230/240V, 50/60Hz, 13A 
Max power consumption:


Effective power consumption: 1.3-1.9kW
Sealing dimensions: 320mm x 460mm (D x L)
Max. height of packaging: 120mm
Machine dimensions: 1120 x 660 x 550m (L x W x H)
Film Specifications:
Thickness: 60 gauge
Max. roll width 400mm
Max. outer roll diameter: 250mm
Inside core diameter: 75mm