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Premium Standard Reinforced Mk I Tagging Needle (NSR)

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Title: NSR (Box of 3 needles)
Our range of tagging guns is extensive & includes both the manual & battery operated versions.
Each gun is design to accept only a certain type of needle for a particular application. For this reason the guns have been colour coded to make your life simpler when matching them to a type of needle.
Examples of this would be our standard needles matching the gun with a blue trigger, long needles match a green trigger, fine needles match a brown trigger & long fine match a claret trigger.
These tagging guns have been built to last. They have been tried tested in many environments of work such as shops, warehouse & factories through-out the world with resounding success. A ‘maintenance free’ internal mechanism ensures simple operation with a long life... these guns just keep on firing.
For all those tough, prolonged jobs that require a consistent pressure over many hours, we have our battery operated tagging gun which helps to reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). All that is required on this gun is a gentle squeeze of the trigger & the barb will be neatly attached.
For items such as lingerie and swimwear we have our super fine tagging gun. Referred to as super fine, due to its 1.1 mm needle which has a silicone coated needle to make it suitable for use on all your fine and delicate items.
Complimenting the tagging guns is our range of needles. These needles have not only been manufactured with a high quality steel, they are also silicone coated for extra life. The needle tips are finely machined to ensure they puncture the material without causing damage.
Included in the range are the high impact needles for use with thicker items. These needles have been designed with a special ‘shoulder guard’ which prevents the needle from bending, improving its rigidity & diffusing the impact pressure.