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Standard Security Loops

Original price £12.80 - Original price £47.50
Original price
£12.80 - £47.50
Current price £12.80
Title: 75mm STD / Box of 5,000
Colour: White

Teneo (UK) offers a comprehensive selection of hooks, loops and ties. They are manufactured from nylon or polypropylene to provide the desired strength and flexibility. They are available in variety of lengths.

Security loops help to prevent theft. They make it virtually impossible to remove or replace the swing ticket. Security loops are ideal for larger items such as luggage, pans or any item that has a handle.

Beaded ties provide an alternative security device. The notches on the tie make them virtually impossible to loosen once they have been tightened. Beaded ties are ideal for items that have a tapered neck instead of a handle or hole such as umbrellas and fishing rods.

Security loops and ties are applied by hand. However, the hooks can be used in conjunction with Teneo (UK)'s range of tagging guns.